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Bill Pay

Bill pay is quicker and easier than writing and mailing paper checks.  Pay your bills in minutes!



Pay anyone – a friend, your physician, and your regular bills.

Bill pay includes scheduling payments to merchants, reviewing and changing any scheduled payments and review of payment history.  Scheduled payments can be set up for certain dates and the system will provide a confirmation number for every payment.  It also keeps track of your payment history providing an excellent record keeper.

Bill pay essentially involves three steps for you the customer:

  • Set up a personal list of payees
  • Schedule a payment
  • Change or delete a payment

One of the following methods is used to remit the payment to the payee:

  • Electronic payments
  • Check payment
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Bill Payment Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I start using bill payment?
A:  Once you have verified that your checking account has been set up for Bill Payment, you can begin using it by adding payees to your Merchant list.  When your accounts are validated, you can then schedule payments to the merchants using the Setup/Change Payments or Quick Pay options.

Q:  What kinds of bill payments are available?
A:  Two kinds of bill payments are available:
  • One-time - A payment that is processed on the day specified.
  • Automatic – A recurring payment that occurs at a specified frequency as many times as you indicate. 

Q:  Why do I get a confirmation number when I make a payment?
A:  Confirmation numbers are provided for all confirmed or modified payments.  This is your assurance that a payment will be processed on the date it is scheduled.  However, the confirmation number does not guarantee the merchant received or posted the payment.  It is also a reference number that can be used for requested research.

Q:  How can I be sure my payment was processed?
A:  You receive a confirmation number signifying we will process your payment.  Your payment will be recorded as Processed in your payment history.  You can select it and click Details to view additional information.  The payment method may be electronic, single check (individual payment), or consolidated check (payments to a single merchant from multiple people combined into one check with an attached list of the individual payments).  Some fields may be blank until all information is available.  If a payment just processed that day, only the merchant name, payment date, amount, confirmation number, and debit method will display.  If the payment method is electronic, all check fields will remain blank.  If a check has been sent to your merchant but has not yet cleared, the check status and date check cleared will remain blank.  Once the check clears, the status will show Cleared and the date will be provided.  Actual payment verification needs to come from the merchant.

Q:  What do I need to do if one of my merchants notifies me that a payment has not been received?
A:  Confirm that your account was debited for the transaction and view the payment in your payment history, including the information accessed by clicking Details.  If you need further assistance, contact Customer Service by selecting Research Request on the Payment Details page to initiate a Payment Investigation.

Q:  Can I set up multiple payments to one merchant?
A:  You may set up one payment for each merchant you have.  You must wait until the initial payment processes for a merchant before you schedule another payment to that same merchant.  There is no limit to your number of merchants.

Q:  What is the maximum amount for any one payment?
A:  There is a pre-determined limit on the amount you can pay.  If you are having problems, please contact Customer Service to determine if the amount you are trying to pay is above the limit.

Q:  How far in advance can I set up a payment?
A:  Payments can be set up as much as 18 months in advance.

Q:  Do I have to re-enter payments each month?
A:  You can set up automatic payments for the same amount so you do not have to re-enter them each month.

Q:  Whom can I pay? 
A:  You can pay any of the merchants you have set up.

Q:  Whom can’t I pay?
A:  You can pay anyone using Bill Pay.  However, we suggest payments are not made to the following types of payees due to potential liabilities if the payment is late or not received:
  • Tax payments
  • Court ordered payments
  • Payment to payees outside the United States

Q:  How many days before the due date do I need to make a payment?
A:  Unless otherwise specified, we recommend that you allow at least 5 business days to ensure that your payment reaches its destination on time.

Q:  Is there a way to see previous payments?
A:  Payment history is retained for 7 years.  You may search for past payments by using one or a combination of the following:
  • Merchant Name
  • Payment Date
  • Payment Amount
  • Confirmation Number
Q:  What if my recurring payments fall on a non-business day?

A:  Recurring payments are scheduled payments set up to occur on the same day or date of a specified frequency (for example: monthly on the 15th).  If one of these recurring dates falls on a non-business day, payment is processed the preceding day.

Q:  Can I make a payment from my savings account?

A:  No, bill payments are only allowed from a checking account.  You can have two checking accounts designated for bill payment.

Q:  Is there a cutoff time for me to cancel or change a payment scheduled for today?

A:  You can review, change or cancel a payment at any time.  If the payment is scheduled for today, the change or cancellation must be before the daily cycle begins; which is 1:00pm Central, Monday-Friday with the exception of federal holidays.  The system displays an error message if you attempt to modify a payment after this deadline.

Q: How will I know if an automatic payment instruction has expired?

A: You will receive a system generated Final Payment email notifying you the last scheduled payment has been processed. You can modify and reschedule your payment if you wish to continue it.

Q: Where can I begin making payments to a new merchant I added?

A: You can begin making payments to that merchant immediately after the account to be used for bill payment has been validated.

Q: Can I pay someone who does not appear on my list?

A: Yes, simply add the merchant to your Merchant List and then schedule a payment.

Q: How do I add a merchant to my list?

A: Using the Merchant Accounts options, select Add Merchant and then type in the merchant name you wish to pay.

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