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Remote Deposit

  • Save Time – Your time is valuable and it shouldn’t be spent by you or your employees in a mad dash to the bank.  Eliminate those daily trips to the bank and make deposits right from your desktop. 
  • Increase Productivity – Now that you can make deposits 24/7, you and your employees don’t have to take time away from the business to race to the bank.  This means you can focus your “prime time” on taking care of business! 
  • Improve Cash Flow – Checks sitting on a desk waiting for a ride to the bank is cash sitting in limbo.  Deposit those checks at the speed of light when it’s convenient for you and put that cash to work right away. 
  • Lower Risk – A “little mishap” on the way to the bank can expose your business to the risk of lawsuits and workman’s comp claims.  Remote Deposit removes the possibility of that unnecessary risk and eliminates the risk of theft along the way. 
  • Peace of Mind – With deposits made when it’s convenient for you, your money working for you sooner rather than later, and you, your staff, and your deposit safe and secure, you’ve got a few less things to worry about. 

Make Deposits Without Leaving the Office

Your business operates at a fast pace, and you need a banking partner that won’t slow you down.  Our business customers can now take advantage of Remote Deposit Express, the quickest, most convenient way to make daily deposits.  Using a simple desk-top scanner and it’s patent-pending web-based technology, RDX allows you to scan, submit and deposit all your checks electronically and eliminate those last minute, daily dashes to the bank. 

How Can Remote Deposit Benefit My Business?

  • No longer will you have to rush to the bank for daily deposits.  With convenient Remote Deposit service, checks are deposited right from your desktop.  No hassle, no waiting, no more playing “beat the clock”.
  •  Your valuable time is not spent traveling to and from the bank, allowing you to focus on growing your business.
  •  Simplify your routine.  Eliminate the daily time, risk, and expense of sending an employee offsite or paying for courier pick-up. 

What Does This Mean For You? 

  • Convenient, cost-effective banking – Remote Deposit Express (RDX) gives the time spent driving to the bank and waiting in line back to you.  If you use a courier, say good-bye to waiting on them and their costly fees.  Electronic transfer means that cash gets into your account more quickly.  Why should those checks be sitting on your desk waiting for a ride to the bank when they could be deposited at the speed of light and already working for you! 
  • Extend your business day – Since deposits can be made from your office 24/7, you no longer have to leave early to get to the bank before it closes, and you don’t have to lose valuable employees in the middle of the work day. 
  • Bank where you want – Bank location is no longer a factor in your selection of a banking partner.  You’re free to choose a bank that understands the community and the role you play in it.


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