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Preventing Fraud and Other Cyber Crimes

As technology has advanced to make our lives increasingly easy, criminals have also used these advances to introduce a new type of crime that can be disastrous for your business: corporate account takeover. In this process, thieves target victims, breach any defenses using malware (short for “malicious software,” software that is used to corrupt computer operation), get any access and transaction data, then begin to initiate fraudulent fund transfers.

Typical targets of corporate account takeover are financial institutions and other businesses. First Security State Bank has security and monitoring systems in place in our own network to protect and detect these attacks to prevent ACH fraud and other forms of cyber fraud.  

We also want our business banking customers to be aware of corporate account takeover, what it looks like and how it can be prevented. The following PDF includes numerous resources for fraud prevention and averting ACH and other cyber fraud.

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